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Dance Cirque

Our Dance Cirque Syllabus includes Silks, Aerial Hoop, Juggling, Hula Hooping and a pre-school program for our little monkeys



created in conjunction with the injury prevention alliance proven to get your students flexible, strong and injury free in a SAFE way. 


Tumble Town

Our amazing acrobatics pre-school program for 2-5 year olds takes toddlers on an amazing adventure learning fine gross motor skills and acrobatics


Hi I'm Bec


I've been running Dance Cirque in my school for 17 years and what I find is that it appeals to not only dance students in the industry that is evolving with needing dancers to do aerial, but also kids who don't want to do a sport and don't want to dance. Who are looking for a fun way to stay fit and have fun. I want all studios worldwide to be able to share these programs and my experience to take students to new heights. Whilst boosting revenue within the facility.

Rebecca Liu-Brennan - Founder of Dance Cirque & Performance arts western Sydney, Co founder of Dance Principles united


Meet our amazing team  


Coach Tyler

 Tyler is our head of training and his incredible knowledge of the body, training and safety means that our teachers at Dance Cirque have the safest and most trust programs. As an educator for the injury prevention alliance, Tyler started his career in the dance industry and ran away with the circus. Working with performance companies and training institutes worldwide. Tylers commitment to safety and teachers becoming better teachers is second to none.

Coach Emma

Emma is our head of pre-school. She is amazing at getting teachers to learn how to spot and do tricks in a simple way. Emma is instrumental in program development alongside Tyler and her knowledge of pre-school applications makes sure our studios have the best guidance and support. After training and performing internationally Emmas understanding of the industry helps students of all ages and levels excel in a safe and nurturing environment.

Olivia Barker

Holding two world records and being an incredibly sought after  performer. Australian grown Olivia brings a wealth of skill and charisma to the Dance Cirque team. Having trained in hand balancing, aerial, dance and foot archery. You will recognise Olivia in most our programs as she is a prime example of the level your students can achieve by implementing dance cirques programs. When not performing and coaching, you will find Olivia training endlessness creating new acts and skills. 

Karl Heath

Karl Heath is our head of rigging, as head of operations for the Australian institute of sport arena. Karl holds his advanced Australian rigging ticket. Having rigged for Cirque du soleil, P!nk and Disney on ice to name a few. He educates up and coming riggers and guides them on how the performance industry works for rigging circus. Karl oversees all our rigging ensuring our licenses are in the safest hands.   

Jennifer Tell

Jennifer is our USA division manager.

Director of The Dance Factory and Co-Founder of The Innovate Dance Event and VAL Student Evaluations

Jennifer has been in the dance industry since she was 6 years old. She started her dance studio in 1999, The Dance Factory and has been a mentor to her students, teaching dance techniques, kindness, confidence and the importance of giving back to the community. Now she wants to help other dance studio owners make a difference to their students in their local community.

Josh Wille

Joshua is our UK division manager

At a young age Josh trained as a gymnast to a high level before transitioning to dance. After training at Central School of Ballet Josh went on to have a successful dance career working with Phoenix Dance Theatre, Charlotte Vincent, Richard Alston & Akram Khan to name a few. Josh has been a studio owner for 8 years and also the director of other non dance related businesses. “My mission is to help others to realise their full potential and help them towards reaching it”

 Kirsty Siedentopf

Kirsty is the head of our accounting department.

Crunching numbers is far from her role in the dance cirque family. Whilst being a mother of 3 teenagers, Kirsty manages and coordinates the accounts of some of Sydneys most successful businesses. Kirsty compiles and delivers all our clients contracts and is always on hand to help studio owners with any query big or small. We are so grateful to have Kirsty on our dance cirque team to ensure our clients have open communication and security.  



Michelle Dawson

Michelle is our head of admin.

A determined and career driven mother of three teenage girls in the performance industry. Michelle has excelled across multiple fields with her sensational HR and Administrative skills. She is a true team leader with educational and realistic approaches to any task she is assigned to. Michelle has been with Dance Cirque since its conceptional launch and all 3 of her daughters currently train in the program. Michelle has a solution for everything and we love having her in the DC family.


What can you expect from a Dance Cirque class?

Dance Cirque is all about having fun while getting fit in a safe environment. The class looks like a circuit and each student has their level cards so that they can work at their own pace

Level Cards and Certificates

Students have level cards and certificates that they achieve as they progress. Our level cards are coloured to create a non competitive and all inclusive environment. 

All Ages

Dance Cirque has classes for all ages. Little monkeys from ages 2 -5 year and dance cirque from 5 years to adult meaning anyone can join in the fun!

New Skills

Dance Cirque students have so much fun learning new skills and gaining confidence every lesson. Licenses receive on contact support and free updates on all programs via our plug and play app.

Now available in Australia, Canada, USA, UK and New Zealand. Click here to see if your location is available

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